Yum - F2 Dinger

Yum F2 Dinger's are probably the best "senko knock-off" bait on the market.  Not only are they cheaper than the Senko, but the Yum Dingers work.  Made with Yum's exclusive F2 scent, the Yum Dinger's fall in a natural horizontal quiver which drives fish crazy.  These are perfect for wacky rigging, shakey head, texas rig, you name it.  While most of our staff would agree there is no substitue for the original, the Yum Dinger offers anglers an economical buy that they can use in confidence.

 Yum  Length:  Qty:  Price:
 F2 Dinger  4 inch  15  $4.99 $3.79
 F2 Dinger  5 inch  12  $4.99 $3.79
 F2 Dinger  6 inch  7  $4.99 $3.79
F2 Dinger


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