Yamamoto - Kinami Psycho Dad

The Yamamoto Kinami Psycho Dad has been a top-secret bait of the pros over the last season.  Developed by western pro Bub Tosh, the Psycho Dad is an ultra deadly flip/punch bait that is also super versatile as a jig trailer.  The unique claws on the Psycho Dad actually swim and kick as the bait falls, and the head of the bait features a built-in rattle slot that is capable of holding the big Zoom rattle (up to 7mm).  The body section of the Psycho Dad is thick for holding on to the barb of a flippin hook or jig trailer.

 Yamamoto  Length:  Qty:  Price:
 Kinami Psycho Dad    3.75"     5  $5.59
Kinami Psycho Dad


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