Yamamoto - Cowboy

If you know Yamamoto, you know they are renowned for their creature baits. So when anglers started looking for something with a bulkier body and more tail action- they developed the Cowboy. At 4 inches long, it can be fished by itself or as a jig trailer; the wide profile legs create a ton of vibrating and kicking action in the water. Heavy enough to use alone, but also works perfectly on a Texas Rig, Punching, or Flipping. Availabale if 14 of Yamamoto's hottest colors!

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 Cowboy 4" 7 $7.99


** WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. **


Baby Bass
Item ID: YM136305
Color: Baby Bass

Quantity Available: 4

Black Blue Flake
Item ID: YM136021
Color: Black Blue Flake

Quantity Available: 5

Bruised Shin
Item ID: YM136996
Color: Bruised Shin

Quantity Available: 6

Dark Green Pumpkin/Amber Laminate
Item ID: YM136926
Color: Dark Green Pumpkin/Amber Laminate

Quantity Available: 3

Dark Pumpkin/Purple & Black Emerald
Item ID: YM136358
Color: Dark Pumpkin/Purple & Black Emerald

Quantity Available: 6

Green Pumpkin
Item ID: YM136297
Color: Green Pumpkin

Quantity Available: 6

Green Pumpkin/Green & Purple Flake
Item ID: YM136301
Color: Green Pumpkin/Green & Purple Flake

Quantity Available: 5

Green Pumpkin/Purple & Copper Flake
Item ID: YM136330
Color: Green Pumpkin/Purple & Copper Flake

Quantity Available: 2

Green Pumpkin/Watermelon Red
Item ID: YM136925
Color: Green Pumpkin/Watermelon Red

Quantity Available: 7

Okeechobee Craw
Item ID: YM136962
Color: Okeechobee Craw

Quantity Available: 7

Smoke/Purple Blue/Watermelon Blue
Item ID: YM136953
Color: Smoke/Purple Blue/Watermelon Blue

Quantity Available: 6

Watermelon Red/Lt Watermelon Red/ Black Flake
Item ID: YM136955
Color: Watermelon Red/Lt Watermelon Red/ Black Flake

Quantity Available: 5

Watermelon/Black Flake
Item ID: YM136194J
Color: Watermelon/Black Flake

Quantity Available: 7

Watermelon/Red & Black Flake
Item ID: YM136208
Color: Watermelon/Red & Black Flake

Quantity Available: 1