Reaction Innovations - Little Dipper

Reaction Innovations Skinny Dippers have revolutionized the swimbait craze!  Designed to be rigged on a 4/0 or 5/0 worm hook, the skinny dippers are best on a straight cast and retrieve.  They can be slow rolled, they can be burned, and there are colors to match any baitfish or situation.  When rigged properly, the skinny dipper can come through any cover, and will track straight at any speed.

Anglers are also discovering that Reaction Innovations designed the skinny dippers to not only be thrown as is, but also as trailers for chatterbaits, spinnerbaits and swim jigs.  These are extremely versatile baits!

Our preferred rigging is with either  a 3/0 or 4/0 Owner Twistlock Hook, weighted or unweighted qnd the 4/0 Lazer Trokar Swimbait Hook.  The baits are heavy enough to cast on any gear.  If you find that the fish are following or slashing at the bait and not commiting to it, rig it with a size 4 red Gamakatsu Treble Round Bend hook as a stinger and hold on!


 Reaction Innovations  Length:  Quantity:  Price:
 Little Dipper  3.5"  9  $4.79



Little Dipper


Bad Shad
Item ID: RILD069
Color: Bad Shad

Quantity Available: 8

Booty Sweat
Item ID: RILD107
Color: Booty Sweat

Quantity Available: 10 +

Item ID: RILD031
Color: Bullfrog

Quantity Available: 1

Dirty Sanchez
Item ID: RILD063
Color: Dirty Sanchez

Quantity Available: -13

Guntersville Shad
Item ID: RILD108
Color: Guntersville Shad

Quantity Available: 9

Item ID: RILD092
Color: Houdini

Quantity Available: 10 +

Lime Ice
Item ID: RILD022
Color: Lime Ice

Quantity Available: 10 +

Melanie's Pearl Necklace
Item ID: RILD110
Color: Melanie's Pearl Necklace

Quantity Available: 10 +

Money Shot Green
Item ID: RILD045
Color: Money Shot Green

Quantity Available: 10 +

Money Shot Violet
Item ID: RILD046
Color: Money Shot Violet

Quantity Available: 10 +

Pearl Blue Shad
Item ID: RILD020
Color: Pearl Blue Shad

Quantity Available: 10 +

Item ID: RILD040
Color: Penetration

Quantity Available: 5

Sexy Shad
Item ID: RILD093
Color: Sexy Shad

Quantity Available: 10 +

Item ID: RILD098
Color: Shiner

Quantity Available: 10 +

Sprayed Grass
Item ID: RILD025
Color: Sprayed Grass

Quantity Available: 2

Statutory Grape
Item ID: RILD101
Color: Statutory Grape

Quantity Available: 10 +

Item ID: RILD105
Color: Sungill

Quantity Available: 1

Watermelon/Gold Flake
Item ID: RILD080
Color: Watermelon/Gold Flake

Quantity Available: 10 +

Watermelon/Green Pumpkin
Item ID: RILD009
Color: Watermelon/Green Pumpkin

Quantity Available: 7

White Trash
Item ID: RILD007
Color: White Trash

Quantity Available: 10 +