Optimum Baits - Butch Brown Thumper Tail

 Butch Brown is one of the true pioneers when it comes to swimbait fishing and the master at landing those double digit bass. With a renound record of 1,500 double digit bass in the past 3 decades, when he had soemthing to say about designing a swimbait- Optimum listened. Equipped the "Butch Brown way", with a VMC size 1 treble hand crimped on 60lb wire, and set with the small divet on the lure's head. An interesting design choice is the slight bent third barb, intentionally done so when inserted into the bait, the other 2 barbs sit flush with the lure. What really gives this bait its signature “thumping” action is a combination of two key things. A cleaned up version of the original optimum boot tail and Butch’s offset weight system. The difference with his weight system is that it is set a lot further back in the body than most traditional boot tail style swimbaits. This allows the bait to swim more level on the retrieve in comparison to the weight being in the head. 

Optimum Baits Length: Weight: Price:
 Butch Brown Thumper Tail  9"    5 oz $29.99 

** WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. **
Butch Brown Thumper Tail


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