Keitech - Fat Swing Impact

Keitech Fat Swing Impact swimbaits are one of the finest paddletail swimbaits we have thrown.  Rig them on a weighted twistlock hook, swim them slow or fast and they're money.  The Keitech Fat Swing Impact has a ribbed body that pushes extra vibrations through the water, making it easier for fish to find.  The fat body gives it a nice profile and the bait just flats works.


 Keitech Fat Swing Impact  Qty:  Price:
 2.8"  8  $7.99
 3.8"  6  $7.99
 4.8"  5  $7.99
 5.8"  4  $7.99


Fat Swing Impact


Item ID: KTFSI38400
Color: Ayu

Quantity Available: 6

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Item ID: KTFSI48433
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Item ID: KTFSI28439
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Item ID: KTFSI38416
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Item ID: KTFSI38431
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Item ID: KTFSI38429
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