Deps - Bull Flat

 The Deps Bull Flat is one of the hottest selling soft plastics in Japan.  The unique shape of the Bull Flat is designed to imitate a bluegill or other panfish.  Unlike worms or traditional soft plastics, the Bull Flat has a spiral fall, just like that of a dying bluegill.  On retrieve the unique segmented, wedge tail undulates extremely naturally, giving the bull flat a subtle, lifelike action that drives bass crazy.  The plastic is infused with crawfish and salt to ensure the fish bite and hang on.  These work great as a jig trailer, fished weight-less, on a Texas rig, on a drop shot and Carolina rigged.  If you have bluegill, sunfish or perch in your water, give the Bull Flat a shot for the giant bass that are eating them!


Deps  Length:  Qty:  Price:
 Bull Flat 2" 10 $9.99
 Bull Flat  3"  6  $9.99
 Bull Flat  3.8"  6  $9.99
 Bull Flat 4.8" 4 $9.99
 Bull Flat 5.8" 4 $9.99 


** WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. **
Bull Flat


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