Strike King - Pro Model 10XD Crankbaits

The Strike King 10XD Crankbait is a crankbait like no other.  This bait was designed for two things; getting deep and catching BIG Bass!  The 10XD is 6" in length and weighs in at just under two ounces.  With 15lb. fluorocarbon, this bait will have no trouble hitting the 25 foot mark and by scaling down to 12lb., you will be approaching that 27-30 foot mark.  Despite the large size, big lip and extreme depth potential, this bait will not wear you down when paired with the proper rod and reel.  Yes, the Strike King 10XD is a crankbait unlike any other, however,  the bags you will weigh in after using this bait will be unlike any other that you have weighed in!

 Strike King 10XD  Length:  Weight:  Depth:  Price:
 10XD  6"  1.92 oz  23-27 ft  $16.99
** WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. **
Pro Model 10XD Crankbaits


Item ID: HC10XD692
Color: Barfish

Quantity Available: 4

Black Back Chartreuse
Item ID: HC10XD535
Color: Black Back Chartreuse

Quantity Available: 10 +

Chartreuse Perch
Item ID: HC10XD650
Color: Chartreuse Perch

Quantity Available: 5

Chartreuse Sexy Shad
Item ID: HC10XD538
Color: Chartreuse Sexy Shad

Quantity Available: 5

Citrus Shad
Item ID: HC10XD534
Color: Citrus Shad

Quantity Available: 4

Delta Red
Item ID: HC10XD450
Color: Delta Red

Quantity Available: 0

Gizzard Shad
Item ID: HC10XD511
Color: Gizzard Shad

Quantity Available: 5

Green Gizzard Shad
Item ID: HC10XD568
Color: Green Gizzard Shad

Quantity Available: 6

Natural Bream
Item ID: HC10XD663
Color: Natural Bream

Quantity Available: 5

Olive Shad
Item ID: HC10XD453
Color: Olive Shad

Quantity Available: 2

Item ID: HC10XD584
Color: Oyster

Quantity Available: 10 +

Pearl Black Splatter
Item ID: HC10XD570
Color: Pearl Black Splatter

Quantity Available: 8

Powder Blue Back Chartreuse
Item ID: HC10XD561
Color: Powder Blue Back Chartreuse

Quantity Available: 2

Sexy Blue Back Herring
Item ID: HC10XD586
Color: Sexy Blue Back Herring

Quantity Available: 4

Sexy Shad
Item ID: HC10XD590
Color: Sexy Shad

Quantity Available: 9

Tennessee Shad
Item ID: HC10XD517
Color: Tennessee Shad

Quantity Available: 3