Megabass - S Crank

The New Megabass S Crank is the epitome of crankbait design! After extensive research and testing, Megabass reveals the S Crank 1.2 and S Crank 1.5, both of which feature a patented design that generates an erratic wobble and wide hunting action and built with a high buoyancy and pristinely cut square bill to lessen snags. With two razor sharp trebles, hook sets are a breeze. Now available is several tournament grade colors- the S Crank is a must have for any angler!
   *Box reads 1/2 oz, but bait weights 3/8 oz according to Megabass 
Megabass Length: Weight: Depth: Price:
 S Crank 1.2 2 1/3" 3/8 oz* 4 ft $18.99
 S Crank 1.5 2 1/2" 1/2 oz 5 ft $19.99
 S Crank 2.0 3" 1 oz 6 ft $22.99

** WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. **
S Crank


Biwako Seethrough Chartreuse
Item ID: MBSC2004
Color: Biwako Seethrough Chartreuse

Quantity Available: 6

Black Back Chartreuse
Item ID: MBSC1208
Color: Black Back Chartreuse

Quantity Available: 8

Blue Back Chartreuse-JP
Item ID: MBSC1519
Color: Blue Back Chartreuse-JP

Quantity Available: 3

E2 Craw
Item ID: MBSC2003
Color: E2 Craw

Quantity Available: 8

Fire Craw
Item ID: MBSC2002
Color: Fire Craw

Quantity Available: 8

GG Bass-JP
Item ID: MBSC1211
Color: GG Bass-JP

Quantity Available: 10 +

GG Deadly Black Shad-JP
Item ID: MBSC1217
Color: GG Deadly Black Shad-JP

Quantity Available: 0

GG Kasumi Tiger-JP
Item ID: MBSC1212
Color: GG Kasumi Tiger-JP

Quantity Available: 0

GG Megabass Kinkuro
Item ID: MBSC1209
Color: GG Megabass Kinkuro

Quantity Available: 8

GP Fatty Oikawa-JP
Item ID: MBSC1513
Color: GP Fatty Oikawa-JP

Quantity Available: -2

GP Sexy Shad
Item ID: MBSC1203
Color: GP Sexy Shad

Quantity Available: 10 +

GP Skeleton Blue Hasu-JP
Item ID: MBSC1514
Color: GP Skeleton Blue Hasu-JP

Quantity Available: 0

Hachiro Reaction-JP
Item ID: MBSC1515
Color: Hachiro Reaction-JP

Quantity Available: 2

Kohoku Reaction-JP
Item ID: MBSC1518
Color: Kohoku Reaction-JP

Quantity Available: 4

M Western Clown
Item ID: MBSC1516
Color: M Western Clown

Quantity Available: 10 +

Mat Tiger-JP
Item ID: MBSC1220
Color: Mat Tiger-JP

Quantity Available: 5

MB Gizzard Shad
Item ID: MBSC1224
Color: MB Gizzard Shad

Quantity Available: 0

MB Phantom
Item ID: MBSC1204
Color: MB Phantom

Quantity Available: 9

Megabass Sexy Shad
Item ID: MBSC1201
Color: Megabass Sexy Shad

Quantity Available: 1

PM Gill
Item ID: MBSC1225
Color: PM Gill

Quantity Available: 0

Secret Gill
Item ID: MBSC1210
Color: Secret Gill

Quantity Available: 10 +

Sexy French Pearl
Item ID: MBSC1202
Color: Sexy French Pearl

Quantity Available: 10 +