Megabass - Big M 7.5

The Megabass BIG-M 7.5 is a superdeep crank inspired by the BIG-M 4.0’s unique combination of low retrieve resistance, high flash, and stable roll. After 3+ years of super-deep crank testing in the US, the emergence of the BIG-M 4.0’s high potential design was a key turning point in the journey to make the super-deep concept a reality.  Built to reach 7.5m (24ft) on a normal cast with 20 pound line, the BIG-M 7.5 brings unrivaled action and exquisite detail to some of the deepest ranges in the world. However, the BIG-M 7.5 isn’t simply about depth. From the first soaring, tumble-free cast to each and every catch, the BIG-M 7.5 exudes the quiet confidence born of decades of Japanese cranking refinement. Featuring a triple moving-balancer system, high flat-sides and a super-low center of gravity, the BIG-M gives off the overwhelming flash and acrobatic bottom-contact action—without the unnecessary retrieve stress and fatigue of traditional super-deep cranks.  


 Megabass Length: Weight: Depth: Price:
 Big M 7.5 4.5" 2-1/8 oz 24-30 ft $29.99

** WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. **
Big M 7.5


Eastern Chartreuse
Item ID: MBBM7513
Color: Eastern Chartreuse

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GG Largemouth
Item ID: MBBM7503
Color: GG Largemouth

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GG Wild Gill
Item ID: MBBM7504
Color: GG Wild Gill

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GLX Galaxy Gill
Item ID: MBBM7509
Color: GLX Galaxy Gill

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GLX Ito Gill
Item ID: MBBM7510
Color: GLX Ito Gill

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GP Spawn Killer
Item ID: MBBM7507
Color: GP Spawn Killer

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Jukucho Pink
Item ID: MBBM7515
Color: Jukucho Pink

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Jukucho Shad
Item ID: MBBM7506
Color: Jukucho Shad

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Kohoku Natural
Item ID: MBBM7516
Color: Kohoku Natural

Quantity Available: 10 +

M Champagne Kinkuro
Item ID: MBBM7505
Color: M Champagne Kinkuro

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Mat Tiger
Item ID: MBBM7514
Color: Mat Tiger

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PM Setsuki Ayu
Item ID: MBBM7511
Color: PM Setsuki Ayu

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PM Strike Chartreuse
Item ID: MBBM7512
Color: PM Strike Chartreuse

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Wagin Hasu BM
Item ID: MBBM7502
Color: Wagin Hasu BM

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Wagin Oikawa
Item ID: MBBM7501
Color: Wagin Oikawa

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