Jackall - DD Cherry

Cherry has a small body, but it makes a shocking rattling sound when fished. Besides making different kinds of rattling sounds it has the ability to cast long distances and will set the new standard in crankbaits. It also has a wide wobbling and rolling action that will attract more bass. This crankbait is very useful in tough tournament situations, when you have to fish used water. The Cherry series will be your go to lure which lands you a fish in tough tournament situations.

Designed for high appeal, it makes many different rattling sounds. The secret of this lure is using different materials, such as tungsten, steel, brass and glass to create the noise.

You can not imagine how effective this small bait is to fish. It’s erratic action and sounds will attract even the most skittish fish.


 Jackall  Length:  Weight:  Depth:  Price:
 DD Cherry  2.2"  3/8 oz  9-10 ft  $14.99

 SALE $10.99

DD Cherry


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